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Ana María Gómez, M.D.Anagomez

 Evidence-Based Medicine applied to Infectious Diseases / HIV virus resistance.





Estudios  Education: 

  • 2019 - currently. Ph.D. in Health Sciences, European University of Madrid. Madrid Spain.
  • 2019. Fellowship in Infectious Diseases and HIV. Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Foundation for the Fight Against AIDS. Barcelona, Spain. 
  • 2019. Master in Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Treatment. Cardenal Herrera University. Valencia, Spain. 
  • 2019. Master in University Education. European University of Madrid, Spain.  
  • 2018. Training - Internship hands-on Infectious Diseases / HIV / Transplant. University of Illinois Hospital. USA. 
  • 2018. Diploma in Scientific Research Methodology. Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. 
  • 2017. Master in HIV infection. Rey University Juan Carlos. Madrid, Spain.
  • 2016. Speciality in Internal Medicine. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.
  • 2010. Medicine. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.


Cargo actual  Current position: 

  • Adjunct Investigator at the Center for Research on Health in Latin America.
  • Assistant Professor School of Medicine. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.
  • Associate Researcher, One Health-Research Group. Universidad de las Américas, Quito Ecuador.
  • Member of the scientific committee of the Municipality of Quito, for decision-making during the health emergency due to COVID-19. Quito Ecuador.
  • Attending Physician of Internal Medicine. Novaclinica and Atlas Clinic. Quito Ecuador.


Investigación actual  Current research (PUCE): Health and Vulnerable Groups. 


Publicaciones recientes  Recent publications


  • Ortiz-Prado, E., Simbaña-Rivera, K., Gómez-Barreno, L., Rubio-Neira, M., Guaman, L. P., Kyriakidis, N. C., ... & López-Cortés, A. (2020). Clinical, molecular and epidemiological characterization of the SARS-CoV2 virus and the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a comprehensive literature review. Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease, 115094. 
  • López-Cortés, A., Guevara-Ramírez, P., Kyriakidis, N. C., Barba-Ostria, C., Cáceres, Á. L., Guerrero, S., ... & Paz-y-Miño, C. (2020). In Silico Analyses of Immune System Protein Interactome Network, Single-Cell RNA Sequencing of Human Tissues, and Artificial Neural Networks Reveal Potential Therapeutic Targets for Drug Repurposing Against COVID-19. ChemRxiv. Preprint.
  • Houck, K. M., Terán, E., Ochoa, J., Zapata, G. N., Gomez, A. M., Parra, R., ... & Thompson, A. L. (2019). Drinking water improvements and rates of urinary and gastrointestinal infections in Galápagos, Ecuador: Assessing household and community factors. American Journal of Human Biology, 32(1), e23358.


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