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Our mission at CISeAL is to serve as an international platform for scientific engagement that creates opportunities to advance knowledge, enrich education, and improve health.

Our approach is driven by five strategic priorities that are advanced through our research initiatives and educational programs, and implemented at a local and national scale.

Jalil MJ 20161120 Iphone 45775Addressing Complexity
We conduct interdisciplinary research that deepens the understanding of the interrelated factors that often drive chronic and infectious diseases.

We apply our knowledge to the development of strategies and technology that promote health and combat disease.

Fostering Interaction
We work across institutions, disciplines, geographies, and cultures to explore approaches to public health challenges that combine globally and locally produced knowledge.

Creating Opportunities
We enable health research and education in Latin America through alliance building, infrastructure development, and the recruitment and retention of researchers and educators.

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Putting Knowledge to Work
We bridge the theory-practice gap by employing research and education beyond laboratories and classrooms to apply knowledge and assess its ability to improve people’s health and well being.

Internationalizing Education
We have created opportunities for international academic learning within the context of science-driven, community-based research initiatives.