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We envision a collaborative space in Latin America for diverse scientific interaction unified by a commitment to build better health for people whose well-being is undermined by the presence of infectious and chronic disease.

At CISeAL, we believe science plays a key role in advancing human well being. Since 2000, productive collaborations between PUCE, Ohio University in the United States and institutions around the world have fueled the development of CISeAL into a valuable resource for scientific research and education in Latin America.

MJ 20120713 48893 ChaquizcaAfter more than 18 years of strategic and creative interaction, we have created a comprehensive infrastructure and technical ‘know-how’ that provide the foundations for basic research, as well as for new transnational research and new education initiatives that explore complex relations between biological, social, economic, and environmental drivers of chronic and infectious diseases.
Working together, we can improve health and well being for those at risk or suffering from disease.