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The Administrative Direction of CISeAL (DIGACI) is in charge of planning, organizing, directing, and supervising all activities related to the administrative and financial management of research and community outreach projects, and all services and programs that are developed in the Center, with the objective of speeding up its execution. Likewise, its role is to provide support to CISeAL researchers and directors in the preparation of project budgets, as well as in the financial settlement and verification of project execution.


The unit is currently composed of a director, a secretary, and two assistants with functions defined according to the position. Each member of the DIGACI has an important and specific role within the work team, oriented towards the achievement of the common objective, which is the efficient administration of CISeAL.


The main objective of the DIGACI is to provide support to principal investigators and their work teams, to relieve them from the administrative burden, and to allow them to devote more time to research and teaching, without the need to get directly involved in the administrative procedures of their projects. The main responsibilities of the unit include the following: 1) planning and executing the administrative and financial procedures of CISeAL and PUCE; these include human resources, financial, procurement, and other processes; 2) request for review and signing of inter-institutional cooperation agreements, memorandums of understanding, specific agreements and others; 3) request for the maintenance of CISeAL equipment and infrastructure; 4) support in the logistical organization for the execution of research and community outreach projects, services and programs developed at CISeAL; among others.


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The Scientific Planning Unit (DIGEP) is responsible for the scientific and academic areas of ​​CISeAL. Since its creation, in 2017, the Unit has been in charge of multidisciplinary tasks such as managing, planning, and providing support to the Center. In collaboration with PUCE, the Unit supervises all academic processes, research projects, community outreach activities, research work, certifications, accreditations, research permits, material transfer agreements, export permits, services, and other programs that are developed at CISeAL. All this to achieve the optimal performance of the investigations in the Center.


The organizational structure of DIGEP, which includes a director and her/his assistants, allows the Unit to be the bridge for interactions between national and international researchers. Its collaboration-oriented essence makes DIGEP a strategic ally for the conceptualization and development of research. Whether it is by assisting in the preparation and presentation of research proposals, through advising and permit management, or by monitoring the advancement of the projects, the Unit accompanies the staff in each step of the research process.


DIGEP is qualified to provide support for a wide range of tasks, among which we can find: establishment and supervision of compliance with SOPs, monitoring laboratory equipment and making sure it is in optimal conditions, funding options tracking, monitoring of the Center's Animal facility, and organization of scientific events of different scale, etc. 


With its holistic approach, DIGEP reduces the workload of research teams and accompanies them in the publication process. Thanks to its motivation to share knowledge, CISeAL, through its Scientific Planning Unit, provides researchers with the necessary inputs to ensure that their scientific production reaches the highest impact among academics and the public.