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ATTENTION: In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, our internship program is temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. CISeAL will not receive applications from new students until regular academic activities are re-established or until further notice from the University Emergency Committee.

Every year, the Center for Research on Health in Latin America (CISeAL) recruits students from PUCE, other universities in Ecuador and international institutions to complete internships at its facility. Participants are able to analyze biological samples and data collected by CISeAL researchers. Research at laboratories involves the following topics:

  • Cami2 MJ 20161120 Iphone 45771Mosquito biology, physiology, and control
  • Molecular biology to eradicate malaria in Ecuador
  • Chagas disease molecular biology, vector population dynamics, ecological risk factors, and biology
  • Social and biomedical program assessment


Applications to our Internship Program will be recepted at our mail 

Internship Program 

CISeAL offers internships for students interested in international studies, communication, health and medicine, environmental studies, international development, health education, biology, and other areas of knowledge.

Special arrangements can be executed to foster the participation of teachers and professionals who wish to take part in programs and internships offered by CISeAL.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Theses
PUCE students can work under the mentorship of one of our researchers to develop their undergraduate or postgraduate thesis topic.

Training Workshops
We can tailor a workshop on research design, grant-funding, or international publication to meet your organization’s needs.