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Since 2022, CISeAL offers its first undergraduate course oriented towards health research.


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With an emphasis on research of the biological factors that cause infectious and chronic diseases, the Biomedical Sciences degree trains professionals to understand health from a biological perspective, which incorporates both the cellular, molecular and systemic elements of the human body, as well as the complex interactions between human health and the other biotic and abiotic components of the environment.


The program's curriculum includes diverse subjects designed to encourage critical thinking, innovation, and interdisciplinary work in our students.


During the first semesters, the program shares credits with other majors. Beginning in the fifth semester, students specializing in Biomedical Sciences will receive classes at CISeAL and have access to our modern facilities.


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With the solid support of our 20 years of experience in biomedicine in the region, students will have access to resources and professors/researchers who are leaders in their field at a national level.

Thanks to our educational model, which incorporates theoretical-practical learning experiences, service experiences and internationalization experiences, our future professionals will be the protagonists in the construction of their life training project and in the acquisition and generation of new knowledge, related to their interests.


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