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Black and White Professional Coating Car 1Breastfeeding has long been acknowledged as the optimal choice for infant nutrition by public health agencies and healthcare experts worldwide. In line with international guidelines, the Ecuadorian government has implemented laws and initiatives to promote breastfeeding, especially among working mothers. Despite these efforts, breastfeeding rates in Ecuador remain low. Our researcher María José Mendoza delves into a qualitative study conducted among 60 healthcare professionals in Ecuador who are also mothers. These nurses, physicians, and nutritionists shared their experiences with breastfeeding while managing their demanding careers.

The study utilized a qualitative approach rooted in social constructionism. Researchers employed snowball sampling to select participants, ensuring representation from various regions of Ecuador. The interviews, conducted in Spanish, were semi-structured and incorporated Photovoice. Data analysis followed constant comparative methods.

Key Findings:

  • Integrating Breastfeeding in Life and Work: Participants described their corporeal and emotional journey of breastfeeding. This theme delves into how these healthcare professionals seamlessly integrated breastfeeding into their daily lives. 
  • Establishing Space for Breastfeeding at Work: Many women faced challenges when attempting to incorporate breastfeeding into their professional lives. This theme sheds light on the hurdles they encountered while striving to merge their roles as healthcare professionals and mothers. 
  • Negotiations and Tensions: Balancing the demands of a healthcare career with the responsibilities of motherhood posed unique challenges. 

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