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Laboratory Animal Facility

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CISeAL has an equipped Animal Facility that complies with the regulatory standards and is certified by AGROCALIDAD (Ecuadorian Agency for Phyto and zoosanitary regulation and control), which is the local government institution that regulates animal facilities. The Animal Facility has 2548.36 square ft. extension, which includes a quarantine area with two cubicles and one isolation room; an area for experimental procedures with two rooms designated to animals that have been inoculated with pathogens and two procedure rooms; and a separate area with two rooms for animals free of pathogens and one room for breeding animals.

Animal care is supervised by a veterinarian doctor who serves as the Attending Veterinarian and by the Technical Director of the Animal Facility. The veterinarian oversees providing medical care to animals and ensures compliance with local regulations and the Five Freedoms for Animal Welfare. The Animal Facility at CISeAL has implemented standard operation protocols and physical barriers to protect animals from external influence. Only licensed and trained scientists have access to the conventional areas of this facility, while the quarantine area has restricted access for animal care staff only. With strict compliance with these procedures, the well-being and health of animal colonies are guaranteed.


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